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  • Bar
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  • Grounds/Maintenance
  • Supervisor
  • Restaurant
  • Administration
  • Kitchenhand
  • Duty Manager
  • Gaming
  • Housekeeping
  • Cook
  • Department Manager
Do you have a spouse or any dependents?
If Yes, will they be travelling with you?
"These questions are asked due to the live-in nature of our roles. If you have a family we need to
ensure family accommodation is available"
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Are you travelling by yourself?
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"We need to know if the person travelling with you is also requiring employment" Does your partner / spouse require work?
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What state would you like to find work in?
(Our employers are in outback / remote areas of Australia & we are not the mines.)
  • NT
  • WA
  • SA
  • QLD
  • NSW
  • Victoria
Do you hold any of these qualifications? RMLV
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Food & Beverage Skills Can you pour a tap beer?
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Do you have a cocktail knowledge?
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Do you have a reasonable knowledge of wines?
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Do you have any barista experience?
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Have you done a-la-carte food service?
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How many plates can you carry?
What point of Sale Systems have you used?
Do you have any Gaming Experience?
If yes, please state which ones: pokies, tab, keno?
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Which property management systems have you used in the past? FIDELIO
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Any Other
What accounting packages have you worked with?
How familiar are you with Microsoft Office programs?
  • WORD
How long are you looking to stay in your next role for?
0-3 Months   3-6 Months   6-12 Months
Do you have a current drivers license?
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Do you have your own transport?
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Do you have the funds to cover relocation costs?
"The costs for travel flights to each locations are not covered by the employer"
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What are your hobbies or what do you like to do outside work hours?
Why do you want to work in a remote location?
Do you have any events / holidays planned for the next 6 months?
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Are you currently being interviewed/short listed for any other roles?
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Have you held any roles in the past 5 years that are not on your resume?
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Have you ever been dismissed from a role in the past?
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Do you have any criminal history?
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Do you have any medical conditions that may interfere with your work?
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Are you willing to undergo a medical examination or police history check?
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