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  Terms And Conditions  


  • Price schedule is available by contacting us direct on 07 4128 8400 or via email at info@mlkarecruitment.com.au
  • Note that fee schedules may vary for different properties. Please do not pass your rates onto other properties as they may be different.


  • MLKA must be notified immediately when a candidate referred has been appointed or offered a position. Upon recruitment an invoice will be sent out and must be paid strictly within 14 days. Non payment within these terms will result in interest charges and will void all employee guarantees offered. (No exceptions)
  • Payment can be made via cheque / direct debit or credit card.
  • All invoices will be sent via electronic mail on the day the employee commences employment.
  • All information received is considered confidential and only used in relation to recruitment of candidate.
  • If a position is cancelled on the date of commencement the employer will still be liable for the cost of placement.


(This service is only valid if payment terms have been adhered to)

  • All Backpacker roles offer a 30 day guarantee
  • All Casual roles offer a 60 day guarantee
  • All Fulltime roles offer a 90 day guarantee
  • This means that if an employee leaves or is terminated within the guarantee period- one replacement will be supplied. (No guarantees will be offered on replacements.)
  • Guarantees will not be offered to staff that have left due to change of contract / hours offered / work injury etc.
  • If a replacement is not required for whatever reason then the fee is not refundable nor will it be held in credit for use at a later date. Credits will not be given against other roles.
  • Guarantees will not be offered on staff that have not been interviewed or contacted by the employer prior to placement.
  • Guarantees will not be offered on staff that have been made redundant or “Unfairly Terminated”.
  • If an employee leaves prior to the account being settled the acount remains payable and a replacement will be offered.

General Conditions

  • The client agrees to keep MLKA Hospitality Recruitment up to date with any positions that have been listed.
  • The client accepts that a candidate referred by MLKA Hospitality Recruitment remains a client of MLKA Hospitality Recruitment for 6 months from the date of the initial introduction. Should any referred candidate be employed during these 6 months either directly or indirectly via a third party of the client then the client will be invoiced for the recruitment of the applicant within 14 days.
  • Once MLKA Hospitality Recruitment is given a role to list all candidates sent through are deemed as MLKA candidates and if hired a placement fee will be charged even if the candidate has applied direct through the employer.
  • MLKA Hospitality Recruitment takes all care but no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by the candidates, candidates’s references or previous employers. Whilst MLKA carries out background checks and reference checks on all candidates, we request the client also look into the candidate’s qualifications, capabilities and suitability for the position. Police checks are also recommended.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the candidate is fully briefed on all information relevant to the position including position description, salary, commencement date, duration of employment etc. A letter of offer by The Client to the Candidate is highly recommended.
  • MLKA Hospitality Recruitment is not liable for any future claims by either The Client or the Candidate and is indemnified against all actions, claims, demands, damages or expenses arising from the company’s management or the placement of a candidate.

Client's Testimonials

"Thankyou MLKA for going above and beyond to help me and my partner find remote jobs. Especially Katrina, who has always been amazing with her friendly help, information and made sure we always got to the jobs safe and happy. HIGHLY recommend! Thankyou thankyou, Jess and Jed "
- Jess B

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