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Get paid to move to paradise!


MLKA Hospitality Recruitment has a range of fantastic live-in hospitality and tourism roles that are eligible for the Queensland Government’s ‘Work In Paradise’ initiative

We’ll help you find your dream tourism job in paradise (according to the relevant criteria), and you’ll be able to apply directly to the Queensland Government for the following incentives:

  • $1500 cash payment (paid to you in three instalments over 6 months)
  • $250 Job Start Travel Bonus (to help cover the costs of your move if you are relocating at least 100km from where you currently live)

*NOTE: The first 1000 successful applicants to the Work In Paradise incentive will also receive a $200 holiday voucher! APPLY HERE!  

The Work in Paradise Incentive Scheme is an online application process. The application process closes at at 5.30pm AEST on 31 March 2022 – though it may close earlier if funds are exhausted before this date.

How can MLKA find your dream job in paradise?

We’ve been recruiting for hospitality and tourism jobs in Queensland for years! Our relationships with tourism businesses in remote and regional Queensland are strong, and we’re ready for you to start now! Making the move is easy because our roles are live-in, with discounted accommodation (and often meals) provided onsite or nearby.

We’ll help you find the right job, in the right region, right on time for you to get paid to move to paradise!


What are the eligibility criteria for the incentives?

1. Your employment has to be in the tourism industry -> we will send you tourism roles to consider.

2. Your job has to be in specific regions of Queensland -> we will send you roles to consider that are in the eligible regions of Queensland.

3. You need to secure at least eight (8) weeks of work, working a minimum of 20 hours per week -> the roles we send for your consideration will be at least 20 hours per week, and at least 8 weeks duration. Most of our roles offer plenty of hours and are permanent or long-term contract positions, which is lucky because you’ll probably get here and never want to leave!

4. You need to be a permanent resident of Australia or a temporary visa holder with Australian work rights, aged over 18 years.

International students, and anyone with work rights (including holiday makers with work rights) can apply for the cash incentives if they meet the eligibility criteria.​ You will need to provide proof of identity, that you have the right to work in Australia (passport or visa letter which includes work rights information).

When can I start my new job?

You can start now! In fact, anyone who has already started a new tourism job in paradise (according to the criteria above) since 20 May 2021 is eligible to apply for the incentives. We make it super easy for you to pack up and move to Queensland, because MLKA’s roles are live-in positions. Discounted accommodation is provided onsite or nearby, and quite often, discounted meals are provided for you too.

When can I receive my incentives?

You can apply to the Queensland Government for your incentives in July 2021 – APPLY NOW! You will be paid in three instalments over six months. The online application process closes at 

Before you apply, it is important that you:

You can email for information.


The application process closes at at 5.30pm AEST on 31 March 2022 – though it may close earlier if funds are exhausted before this date.

Will MLKA Hospitality Recruitment pay me these incentives?

No, to receive the cash payment and travel bonus, you will need to apply directly to the Queensland Government. 

Yes, I want to work in paradise! What do I do now?

Check our#WorkInParadiseQLD vacancies. When you see a job you’re interested in that matches your skills and experience, you can apply online directly on the job page. Alternatively, you can simply send your resume to and we’ll email you jobs to consider. Then, you’ll just need to let us know the jobs you’d like to apply for. Once you’ve worked for two continuous weeks in your eligible job, you can apply to the Queensland Government for the incentives.

Will you need anything else from me?

Yes, we will need a photo of you (it helps to make the remote interview telephone process more personal) and the contact details of two professional referees. You can read our full step-by-step recruitment process for more details.

Everything the Queensland Government needs from you is outlined here.

What if I’m not ready to start a new job in Queensland right now?

The program is open for 12 months, but you need to apply within 6 months. If you’re not applying straight away, we recommend you check our #WorkInParadiseQLD vacancies regularly, and Like and Follow our Facebook page! Apply for the job of your dreams when you’re ready to make the move.

Don’t leave it too late – the application process closes at at 5.30pm AEST on 31 March 2022 – though it may close earlier if funds are exhausted before this date.

Why choose MLKA to help you find your dream job in paradise? 

Our roles are live-in positions – accommodation is supplied onsite or nearby, and depending on the role, will be either included in your package, or provided at discounted rates. Stick with us, and you won’t need to worry about finding rental accommodation, which is currently extremely difficult to find (and expensive) in many areas of Queensland. Many of our roles also supply meals at subsidised rates – lower living expenses offers a fantastic opportunity for you to save money.

Additionally, we’ve been specialising in remote hospitality recruitment for over 13 years! We’re the experts in helping you find the perfect job and location to match your skills, experience and interests. Our service is 100% free for all job seekers.

Many of the businesses we recruit for are small hotels, motels, lodges, roadhouses and resorts that simply don’t have the time or resources to find new staff. So, we do it for them, and we’re very proud of the role we play in keeping their businesses moving forward, especially during difficult times.

Need more info?

Our consultants can answer any queries you may have during the interview process.

You can also find more information on the incentives on the Queensland Government’s Work in Paradise website or email for information.

Forget Winter – head to Queensland, the Sunshine State! Find yourself exploring an ancient rainforest on your days off, or kicking back with the locals in a laidback, outback community. Either way, you’ll create unforgettable memories!  #WorkInParadiseQLD

Don’t wait to start your dream job in paradise! Take the leap today with MLKA!