Questions & Answers

General Information for Job Seekers

  • Do most remote areas have telephone and internet coverage?

    Most remote towns have limited mobile coverage limited to the Telstra Next G network. The properties without mobile coverage have land lines phones available for staff to use. Internet coverage is available at 99% of the properties we deal with.

  • Do the employers pay for Relocation / Travel expenses?

    In most cases you will be required to pay for your own travel & relocation costs. Some employers will re-imburse after a probation period but only if this is stated in your employment offer.

  • Are Pets allowed?

    Most of our properties do not allow pets. If you have a pet, let us know and we can advise you which places you may be able to work and take your pet.

  • Is accommodation supplied?

    Most of our positions offer an accommodation package. In some cases you will have to pay a small Board & Lodging fee that covers meals & accommodation.

  • Are you able to place couples in the same location?

    We have numerous jobs that accept couples. We encourage couples to apply even if we cant place you in the same business we may be able to find you something close by in the same town.

  • Do I need experience to apply for a hospitality position?

    It varies from position to position but most positions will require you to have previous experience either in the industry or in a remote location.

  • What can I expect to find in some of these locations?

    Some jobs are located in big towns with all facilities, others in small towns with populations under 2000 people, other jobs are in the middle of nowhere and they do not have a town or a shop near by. Details of the town / locations are explained to you during our interview process.

  • What sort of locations are your jobs located?

    Most of our positions are located in Outback QLD, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

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