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Our Job Locations

  • Do you have jobs in capital cities?

    Although we often advertise our jobs in cities, the majority of our jobs are located in remote and regional areas of Australia, and can include larger towns like Kalgoorlie, Karratha and Alice Springs. 

  • Where are your jobs located?

    Our jobs are in remote and regional areas of Australia, not in capital cities. The majority are located in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia, however, jobs in Tasmania and other states also arise.

    Our positions are in resorts, hotels, lodges, restaurants and roadhouses. Our properties and venues range from small boutique resorts, to country pubs, and busy roadhouses.

    We have new jobs coming in regularly, all year-round.

  • Why can't you tell me the exact location of the job?

    There are various reasons the location is kept confidential. Usually, it’s because the Employer has requested it, as they’ve hired us to do the hard recruitment work for them and don’t want to be contacted by applicants directly.

    Whatever the reason, we would never send you off to a remote destination without you knowing all the details. If you’re shortlisted for a role, we’ll provide you with detailed information about the location, local community, popular things to do, how to get there, etc. Then we give you some time to research it yourself and let us know if you’d like to continue with your job application.

    If you don’t feel it’s right for you, there is no obligation for you to continue the application. We can let you know of other roles that may be more to your liking.

  • What can I expect to find in some of these locations?

    Some jobs are located in big towns with all facilities. Others are in small towns with populations under 2000 people and may only have basic facilities. We also have very remote jobs in the middle of nowhere that do not have a town or a shop nearby.

    Details of the town/locations are explained to you during our interview process.

  • Living in Remote Areas

  • Why would I want to work in a remote area?

    Remote employment offers you an awesome opportunity to save heaps of money and escape the high costs of city living. In some cases, our candidates have easily saved $10,000 in just 3 months. No commuting to work each day, no high rent, food or electricity bills.

    Living and working remotely is a great way to see different parts of Australia and meet some amazing people.

    It's also an excellent way to gain new skills and advance quickly in your career.

  • Do most remote areas have telephone and internet coverage?

    Most remote towns have limited mobile coverage limited to the Telstra Next G network. The properties without mobile coverage have land lines phones available for staff to use.

    Internet coverage is available at 99% of the properties we deal with, however, reception may not be strong in all areas of the property.

  • Is accommodation supplied? If so, how much does it cost?

    Yes, our specialty is live-in positions, with accommodation provided for staff.

    Staff accommodation is usually provided at a discounted rate, or for Senior Roles, it may be included in your package.

    Sometimes meals are also provided at a discounted rate.

    Staff accommodation (and sometimes meals) cost around $100-$170 per week, which is much cheaper than city living.

  • What is staff accommodation like?

    Staff accommodation is usually pretty basic and varies between locations and roles. At some locations, you may be required to share a room, particularly in the high-peak seasons when there is extra staff onsite.

    The accommodation itself ranges from shared apartments, donga-style rooms, pub-style rooms.

    This is explained to you fully before you commit to a role. Most remote staff find that the environment around them and experience of living remotely far outweighs any shortfalls in accommodation standards.

  • What’s it like to live and work in a remote staff community?

    Staff communities are usually very social as these remote, live-in positions tend to attract a certain type of person looking for an adventure beyond the norm. There are usually knock-off drinks, parties for any occasion, and always someone around to hang out with or go exploring with.

    What do we mean by exploring? Many of our resorts, hotels, lodges, and roadhouses are in some really unique areas. Your RDOs might be spent climbing through an ancient gorge, paddling the ocean (or a creek), barra fishing in crocodile-infested waters, spotlighting your way through a cave, sleeping under the stars.

    The downside is that you're likely to feel pretty uncomfortable the first few days, until you get to know a few people. Then they'll help you meet everyone else. And yes, you'll miss your family/friends back home but it won't be long until your new work-mates start to fill that gap.

  • Are Pets allowed?

    Most of our properties do not offer the option to take pets with you. Some properties are in National Parks that prohibit domesticated animals, and others provide staff village accommodation that is simply not pet-friendly.

    However, opportunities with pet-friendly accommodation do arise so don’t let it rule out applying with us. If you have a pet, we can discuss relevant options with you.

  • Are you able to place couples in the same location?

    We have numerous jobs that accept couples. We encourage couples to apply even if we can't place you in the same business as we may be able to find you something close by in the same town.

  • General Information for Job Seekers

  • Do I need experience to apply for a hospitality position?

    It varies from position to position but most positions will require you to have previous experience either in the industry or in a remote location.

  • Are your jobs Fly In Fly Out (FIFO)

    Generally, no. We occasionally recruit for a FIFO job, however, our focus is on remote and regional jobs that require you to relocate and live onsite.

    If our job vacancy is FIFO it will be clearly stated on the Job Description.

  • Can I get work with you for a few weeks?

    Generally, no. Our Employers invest quite a lot of time and energy into making sure new staff are welcomed, trained, settled in, and supported. In fact, we choose Employers who do this because we want them to take good care of you. To be fair to them, we require you to stay for at least a few months. It does vary from role to role, so we will confirm this timeframe with you during the interview process.

    The only exception to this is when we advertise a position with a short-term contract and this will be specified in your employment offer.

  • Do the employers pay for Relocation / Travel expenses?

    Hospitality Positions

    In most cases for our hospitality positions you will be required to pay for your own travel and relocation costs. Some employers will reimburse you after a probation period but only if this is stated in your employment offer.

    Chef Positions

    Relocation assistance is provided for 99% of our Senior Chef roles. If no relocation assistance is offered as part of the role, this is something that is normally negotiable. Other Chef positions may also be offered relocation assistance, or be reimbursed after a probation period if stated in your employment offer.

  • Why would I use MLKA’s service to find a job?

    All of our consultants have previously lived and worked in remote hospitality roles around Australia.

    We know our employers, and each employer has been carefully vetted by us to ensure they will offer you safe employment opportunities.

    We know each location you will be applying for. We can offer guidance on each role, give travel advice on how to get there, answer your questions about the location and the employer.

    Our service is 100% free to all job applicants.

  • If I get a job through MLKA, will you take a cut of my wages?

    No, our service is 100% free for job applicants.  You work directly for the employer on their payroll.

  • What is the process for obtaining a job with MLKA?

    Our process is quick and easy! Simply email your resume to and once received, we will give you a call to confirm your details and preferences.

    We will then commence emailing you roles for consideration.

    When you find a role that interests you, simply reply to your consultant and send the following:

    1. An updated resume - we need to know if there have been any changes since you first sent us your resume.
    2. A current photo - your photo is submitted to the employer along with your application. This helps them to know who they are talking to when they conduct phone interviews (due to the remote location they are unable to conduct an interview in person). It helps your application to feel more personal.
    3. Contact details of your referees - these must include your most recent manager or supervisor, phone numbers and details of the venues where you worked under them.

    Once we receive this information and your reference checks are completed, your consultant will call you to discuss the role in more detail, including the name of the property and exact location. If you're 100% happy to formally apply for the position, we will send your application and photo through to the employer.

  • What happens when I finish the job MLKA has placed me in?

    Let us know you’re ready to move on, as we can help you find your next job in another fabulous remote location. Many of our placements ‘work their way around Australia’, with each new job offering a new experience and activities to do in your leisure time.

    We already have all your details on file, so finding your next job can be a very quick and easy process.

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