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Job Seekers Step By Step Process


Register with MLKA

Simply fill in the form and send a copy of your current resume.

Find an ideal role

A consultant who will contact you to go through the registration process & narrow down jobs

Apply for a role

After you have applied the employer will contact you directly for a phone interview & discuss your application further.

What is the benefit for you? 

We WILL get back to you and you WILL receive more attentive service. We recruit for hotels, motels, resorts, roadhouses, restaurants and cattle stations in remote locations around Australia.

We DO NOT recruit for the mines or offer FIFO roles. Our roles are either casual or permanent roles with accommodation & meals packages supplied. We have long-standing relationships with all of our employers, so you can rest assured that you will be going to a quality employer who will operate legally and ethically.

What is the Process for Joining MLKA? 

To register with MLKA, simply send a copy of your current resume to once this is received you will receive an email confirmation saying your email has been received for processing. Your resume will be given to a consultant who will contact you to go through the registration process. Our registration process allows us to narrow down the kind of roles you are looking for, the locations you are willing to work, and the kind of salary you are expecting. The more details you give us the easier it is for us to find the ideal role for you. Joining MLKA is free to all job seekers. We do not charge you for joining or for finding you employment. We are contracted and paid by our employers. All applications are Confidential.

Next Step to finding you an ideal role… 

Once you have spoken with a consultant for registration and if you still wish to proceed, the consultant will then register you into our system. If, at the time of registration, there are suitable roles available for you, you will receive an email with the details of these roles listed. All roles emailed are confidential and must not be disclosed to other persons. The employers list these roles with our agency to handle confidentially on their behalf. The employers are NOT to be contacted direct. All inquiries on the roles MUST come back through your consultant at MLKA. If you are interested in the positions you have been sent, please proceed by contacting your consultant. Even if the roles emailed are not suitable, it is of vital importance that you ensure you contact us and let us know. Our policy is that if we do not hear from you we will cancel your registration from our files.

Please note that roles are current at the time of email but they do fill very quickly and therefore may be filled if you delay your response in coming back to us.

We have excellent knowledge of all venues and are happy to answer any questions you may have relating to the property, management, location, travel costs, etc.

Apply for a Role!

If you wish to proceed in applying for a role, please ensure you email us a current photo to include with your application and current work-related references that can easily be contacted. References must be previous employers in a supervisory or management capacity. Once we have received these we will then contact your referees and undertake work-related reference checks. We may also undertake employment verifications to ensure the information provided on your resume is accurate. This is done to ascertain your suitability for the role.

Once your references are completed your application will be submitted to the employer along with your resume, completed reference checks, and a current photo. (Photos are requested so the employers know who they are talking to. Due to remoteness the employers can not interview in person and can only conduct their interviews by phone. Supplying a photo makes the application more personal.)

The employer will then either contact you directly for a phone interview or come back to us to discuss your application further.

If at any stage you decide to withdraw your application, please contact us immediately and let us know.

Notification Process!

Once you have been interviewed by the employer, they will either advise you directly or contact us and let us know the outcome. At this stage, if you are successful you will be emailed a contract or letter of offer. All offers must be returned within 24 hours to Fax (07) 41288444 or scanned and emailed to unless otherwise stated. *Some employers may not conduct interviews but rather go straight to an offer.

Once you have accepted a role and returned your offer, please proceed to book your flights / travel details and advise us of your intended arrival. *Please do not book travel before being offered the role.

Should you decide to decline the role, please notify us immediately.

Follow Up!

Please let us know when you have arrived on-site to commence employment. You can phone, email, or drop us a text message.

We will always do a follow-up with you after the first couple of weeks to ensure you are settling in and are enjoying your new position.

Looking to the Future!

If you have finished your employment and are looking to move to another location, by all means get back in contact with us to see what exciting new roles are available. You can keep an eye on what is happening with MLKA by following us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Word of mouth is without doubt our best form of advertising, so if you have enjoyed your experience, make sure you tell all your friends and get them to follow us on facebook as well for up to date developments.

Ready for an adventure?

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