Consent For Release Collection Of Confidential Information

You have chosen to apply for a role with MLKA Hospitality Recruitment. (This ONLY applies once you decide to apply for a particular role)

To enable us to proceed further with your application we will require you to reply to this email confirming your consent for us to collect & release personal information for the purpose of processing your application and ascertaining your suitability for the role in which you apply for.


I acknowledge by consenting MLKA Hospitality Recruitment to collect & release information on my behalf that I have read this in full.
“I give my consent to MLKA Hospitality Recruitment” to collect & release personal / sensitive information about me for the purposes of obtaining employment”

By giving consent you authorise the following:

MLKA Hospitality Recruitment conduct reference checks and employment verifications on all candidates applying for roles with our agency to ascertain your suitability for the roles in which you are applying for.

  • We NEVER contact your current place of employment unless you request us to do so
  • We ONLY commence your reference checks once you decide to apply for a particular role unless we have discussed other options with you.
    • If you DO NOT consent to us contacting your referees and former employers you must advise us immediately and we NOT proceed further.
    Reference Checks Conducted / Information Supplied:
  • We will contact the referees that you have supplied to us and ask questions to confirm your dates of employment, work performance, ability to perform your duties etc.
  •  If the employer supplying the reference check approves us to do so we will release this information to potential employers for whom you are applying for a role with.
    Employment / Reference Verification:
  • If you supply a mobile number for a referee we may ring the company land line to verify their position within the company.
  •  We may undertake employment verifications by contacting former employers on the sole basis of confirming your position within the company and your dates of employment. No further information will be given or requested during our call.
  •  If you supply written references we may contact the person on the reference to confirm they have written the reference. If we cannot verify the reference we cannot accept it.

We will not proceed with any reference checks or employment verifications if you decide not to proceed with applying for a role with our agency.

Please see our Privacy Statement on our web site if you require additional information.